Reception service

By centralizing the reception of persons who have to sign a collaboration statement in accordance with Article 13(1) of the REVIS-law, the ONIS intends to guarantee to all of them a fair and identical treatment with regard to their specific household composition.

Each person under the responsibility of the ONIS is invited to an information meeting. It is mandatory to be present at those meetings which are part of the social and professional activation process.

Two meetings, one in French and one in Luxembourgish (and/or in German) are held in parallel. A person with insufficient knowledge of Luxembourg's three official languages can be accompanied by a second person for translation.

The presentation of the REVIS-scheme strongly emphasises the rights and obligations of the beneficiaries as well as law articles concerning the activation measures. The meetings also allow participants to ask questions. A unique referent (Agent régional d'inclusion sociale) is assigned to every participant and a first meeting with this referent is arranged.

An "information sheet" in Luxembourgish, French, German, English, Arabic and Tigrigna summarises the most important elements of the information meeting and is distributed to the participants during their first interview with their regional social inclusion officer. The "information sheets" can be found at the bottom of this page.

For supplementary information from the Reception service, please contact Madam Jill Serres (+352) 247-83657, Email:  

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