The National Social Inclusion Office (ONIS) is an administration under the supervision of the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region and was established in 2018 by the amended law on social inclusion income (Revenu d'inclusion sociale - REVIS).

On detailed information regarding the application for the REVIS is available.


The mission of the ONIS is to fulfill the obligations set by the REVIS law.

The ONIS has the following tasks:

  • to ensure the execution of Chapter 3 of the REVIS law. This task of stabilizing and activating people furthest from the labor market is achieved through stabilization and / or activation measures that take into account the individual needs of the applicants and their development;
  • to coordinate the actions of responsible authorities and organisations;
  • to collect necessary statistical data regarding the beneficiaries.

The ONIS centralises the reception of persons who have to sign a collaboration statement according to article 13(1) of the REVIS law.

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