Regional social inclusion officers (ARIS)

The ONIS coordinates the actions of the Regional social inclusion officers (ARIS) to assure an equal treatment of all beneficiaries before the law.

It also pays attention that the activation measures are suitable.

It consults and leads the regional officers by directives, through meetings and one-on-one interviews.

It informs the regional officers of existing or new institutions which might be of interest for their work and of studies on its clientele.

It pays attention to the correct application of the set directives and intervenes when relations between a beneficiary and an ARIS referent risk to become problematic.

Tasks of the ARIS

The tasks of the regional services are the following:

  • to work on the files transmitted by the ONIS;
  • to elaborate, together with the beneficiary, a tailor-made activation plan as foreseen in article 16 of the REVIS law;
  • to organise the activation measures defined by article 17 of the law and laid down in the activation plan and to prepare the administrative documents;
  • to have regular contact with the person participating in an activation measure and the person responsible at the workplace in order to have the activity go well, to prevent, if possible, the breaking off of activities;
  • to make applicants and beneficiaries see the service de santé au travail multisectoriel (industrial medicine);
  • to administer the unfit for work certificates of beneficiaries of the activation allowance and, if necessary, to have beneficiaries controlled by experts appointed by the ONIS;
  • to check information on the monthly lists of activation allowance beneficiaries;
  • to administer the files of people exempt from participation in activation measures.

The regional officers work in social welfare offices. Their list is shown under "Related Procedures".

The schedules and distribution of the ARIS referents and their geographical divisions are displayed under "Further information".  

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