Organizations available for social activation measures

In order to implement "work of public utility" activation measures, different organizations collaborate with the ONIS, including:

  • state administrations and services;
  • municipal administrations;
  • public institutions;
  • institutions declared of public interest;
  • any other organization, institution or group of people pursuing a charitable goal;
  • private law bodies, the costs of which are covered mainly by the state budget.

A department at the ONIS has the following missions:

  • informing and guiding organizations wishing to work with the ONIS to organize activation measures;
  • approaching potential partner-organizations;
  • managing the inventory of current organizations and offers;
  • accompanying organizations;
  • exchanging best practices between organizations concerning the supervision of assigned beneficiaries.

A form to indicate availability of an offer is provided at the end of this page (in french or german).

For more information, please send an email to or contact our representatives by phone: Mr. Patrick Besch (Tel.: 247 83642), Mr. Christian Roeder (Tel.: 247 83637), Mr. Frédéric Krier (Tel.: 247 83639)

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